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Sunday Service 10:30am

 LIVE STREAM: Join us Sunday 10:30 am!


Foursquare Family

The Foursquare Church is part of a diverse, worldwide movement that is changing lives in 140 countries. No matter where your travels take you, when you meet someone who is Foursquare, you’re meeting family. Our organization, has been known since its inception for the unique camaraderie shared among its ministers and adherents. We celebrate together what God has done among us and anticipate the great things He has in store for us.


Tuesdays 6:00 pm

Corporate Prayer

Please call for details. Join us for a time of worship and prayer as we come together as a church body to declare and decree the word of God over the city, state and nation.

Church Happenings

• Men's Group

       Monthly meeting

• Women's Group

       Monthly meeting

• Bible Studies

       Financial University

      Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Outreach | Missions


Watch here or LIVE STREAM in new window. SUNDAYS 10:30 a.m.

Also, Facebook and Youtube

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